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4.5 ★
Android 6.0 or Higher
Android Android 6.0 Social Everyone application/vnd.android.package-archive
26.64 MB
26.64 MB https://apkfut.com/pixiv-4269/download
MOD Features
● Ads Removed ● History Removed from Drawer (Server Sided Feature) ● 2 Shortcuts Added to Drawer: • PixiVision - ...
Jun 10, 2024
June 12, 2024
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Introduce pixiv MOD APK

Pixiv is a vibrant online community where artists, creators, and art enthusiasts come together to share their passion for creativity. It’s a platform that allows users to upload, showcase, and appreciate various forms of art, including illustrations, manga, and novels.

A mod APK, short for “modified Android application package,” is a modified version of an existing app that has been altered to unlock additional features, remove restrictions, or provide enhanced functionality. These modified apps are often created by third-party developers or experienced users.

While the official app is a great tool for artists and art lovers, the mod takes the experience to a whole new level. By using a Pixiv APK, you gain access to exclusive features, unlocked premium content, and a more customized artistic journey, all without the need to pay for additional subscriptions or in-app purchases.

Pixiv: A Haven for Art Lovers

Massive Art Library: Pixiv boasts an extensive collection of illustrations, manga, and novels created by talented artists from around the world.

Vibrant Community of Artists and Creators: With millions of users, this app offers a thriving community where artists can connect, collaborate, and gain inspiration from one another.

User-Friendly Interface and Search Functions: The app’s intuitive design and powerful search tools make it easy to navigate and discover new artwork based on your preferences.

Bookmarking and Rating System for Content Management: Keep track of your favorite pieces and provide feedback to artists by bookmarking and rating their work.

Personalized Recommendations Based on User Preferences: Pixiv’s algorithm suggests content tailored to your interests, ensuring a continuous stream of engaging artwork.

While the official app is feature-rich, recent updates have removed some useful functionalities, such as the ability to search for content using the oldest and newest listing, as well as the free wallpaper setting.

Pixiv Mod APK: Enhanced Creativity and Exploration

Exclusive Features of the Pixiv APK Mod

Access to Removed Features: The APK restores the previously removed features, allowing you to search for content using the oldest and newest listing, as well as enjoy the free wallpaper setting.

Unlocked Premium Features: Gain access to premium features typically reserved for paid subscribers, without having to spend a dime.

Unleashing Your Artistic Potential with the Mod

Diverse Drawing Tools and Materials: Enjoy a wide range of drawing tools, brushes, and materials to bring your creative visions to life.

Built-in Assistant for Improved User Experience: The APK may include a built-in assistant that provides suggestions and guidance to enhance your artistic journey.

Offline Functionality: Some mods offer offline functionality, allowing you to access and create art even without an internet connection.

Community and Entertainment

Sharing and Discovering Artwork with the APK

Uploading Original Art and Engaging with the Community: Showcase your creative talents by uploading your original artwork and engaging with the vibrant Pixiv community.

Curated Collections and Suggested Artists: Discover curated collections and suggested artists based on your preferences, expanding your artistic horizons.

Entertainment Value of the Pixiv Mod latest version

Constant Stream of New Content: With a never-ending supply of fresh artwork and creative content, the APK offers a continuously entertaining experience.

Exploring Different Art Genres and Styles: Immerse yourself in a diverse array of art genres and styles, from traditional illustrations to modern manga and novels.

Safety and Legality

Potential Security Risks of Using Mod APKs

While APKs can provide enhanced functionality, it’s crucial to exercise caution and only download them from trusted sources. Unofficial modifications may introduce security risks or malware, compromising your device’s safety.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Considerations

It’s important to respect the intellectual property rights of artists and creators. While the Pixiv mod allows you to access and appreciate artwork, it’s essential to refrain from illegally distributing or profiting from copyrighted material.


The Pixiv offers a wealth of advantages, including access to exclusive features, unlocked premium content, diverse drawing tools, and a thriving community of artists and art enthusiasts.

The APK is an excellent choice for artists seeking a more comprehensive and customizable creative experience, as well as art lovers looking to explore a vast collection of captivating artwork without spending a fortune.

If you’re an artist or an art enthusiast, the Pixiv mod can open up a world of possibilities. However, it’s essential to download it from reputable sources like APKFut and respect intellectual property rights. With the right approach, you can embark on an artistic journey like never before, fueling your creativity and expanding your artistic horizons.

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