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Bully: Anniversary Edition v1.0.0.19 APK

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Bully: Anniversary Edition Information

1.9 ★
Android 8.0 or Higher
Android Android 8.0 Action Everyone application/vnd.android.package-archive
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Unlimited Money/Mega Menu
Dec 5, 2018
May 24, 2024
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Introduce Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK

MOD Detail:

  • v1.0.0.19: Unlimited Money
  • v1.0.0.18 Mod Mega Menu: Can attack anyone you won’t busted. Unlimited Money. No lost Weapons On Busted. Unlimited Ammo. One Shot Kill. Unlimited Sprint -> must have a bike as I didn’t have it I can’t guarantee, please test it and reply on this thread. Class Art easy mode. Paid game. No ADS

Do you remember those awkward teenage years navigating the social battleground of high school? The constant struggle to fit in, find your crew, and avoid the dreaded bully who seemed to make it their life’s mission to make your days miserable. For many of us, those were some of the most formative and character-building years. Rockstar Games, renowned for their groundbreaking and often controversial franchises like Grand Theft Auto, has taken that universal experience and distilled it into one wildly entertaining open-world adventure: Bully: Anniversary Edition mod APK.

In this mobile incarnation, you’ll step into the scuffed shoes of Jimmy Hopkins, the new rebellious kid at the corrupt Bullworth Academy prep school. From dealing with authoritarian faculty to navigating the treacherous social hierarchy, Jimmy’s experience promises to be a wild and nostalgic ride back to those angst-filled teenage days.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Story

Our protagonist Jimmy finds himself the new kid at Bullworth thanks to his ill-behaved antics prompting his mom to enroll him at the academy while she goes off on a honeymoon with her new husband. Branded as a delinquent from day one, Jimmy is immediately thrown into the deep end of this veritable circus of a school.

The story wastes no time throwing curveballs, as Jimmy is forced to attend classes, pull off madcap pranks, make friends and enemies, and ultimately rise through the ranks of the various cliques battling for superiority on the schoolyard battlefield. How he handles these daily trials and tribulations is entirely up to the player’s choices. Will you play by the rules and work towards being a model student? Or embrace your inner rebel and make your way, consequences be damned?

Immersive Gameplay

Much like Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series that served as inspiration, Bully mod menu APK embraces an immersive third-person perspective that drops you directly into Jimmy’s academically challenged shoes. This viewpoint helps build a stronger connection to your on-screen avatar while providing optimal visibility of the chaos unfolding around you.

The mobile version was purposefully designed with intuitive touch controls that keep all actions and movements tight and responsive under your thumbs. No more wrestling with clunky virtual sticks and buttons translated from traditional gamepads. The developers built this experience from the ground up for smartphones and tablets.

But the most compelling new addition may be the friend challenge system that allows you to extend your campaign of schoolyard mayhem into the online arena. Issue challenges to your friends, engage in turn-based multiplayer battles and see who has what it takes to become the ultimate ruler of this dysfunctional academy.


For those familiar with the classic Bully game released on previous consoles, the Anniversary Edition brings that complete story experience to mobile, overhauled and enhanced for the smaller screen. Additionally, all the extra missions, characters, classroom mini-games, and unlockable content from the Scholarship Edition have been bundled in.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an anniversary celebration if the graphics weren’t given a substantial glow-up to take advantage of today’s powerful mobile hardware. Expect breathtakingly sharp high-resolution textures, dynamic lighting that ebbs and flows as you move about the campus, realistic shadows, and dazzling particle effects for those “oh crap!” explosive moments.

The graphics won’t be the only thing popping on your device either, as Bully brings some decidedly unique features to the mobile space. Immersion’s TouchSense Tactile Effects add precise haptic feedback to your on-screen actions, simulating the smack of a well-placed punch or the rumble of a raucous food fight.

Beyond the Story

While Jimmy may be the troublemaking star, the true charm of Bully lies in its dynamic supporting cast of larger-than-life personalities populating the halls of Bullworth Academy. From the dictator-like faculty always ready to dish out draconian disciplinary measures, to the various cliques and social circles vying for superiority like the jocks, nerds, greasers, and of course the bullies themselves, you’ll encounter a fully-realized world begging for you to leave your mark.

And speaking of leaving your mark, Bully for Android mod APK gives you ample opportunity to shape Jimmy into your personalized vision of the ideal rebel or academic. Customize his appearance, and clothing style, and even acquire new skills and abilities through their unique role-playing system. How you mold Jimmy will ultimately determine your path through the game’s overarching narrative.

Thriving at Bullworth

While the streets of Bullworth Academy are meant to be an unpredictable warzone, there are a few tips to help you establish dominance early:

Save your progress frequently! The last thing you want is to get caught in a never-ending cycle of repeating failed missions and missed opportunities.
Explore every nook and cranny by taking full advantage of the mini-map. You never know where you might uncover invaluable resources or missed side missions that could swing momentum your way.

Don’t just bulldoze through the main story. Take the time to build connections by completing side quests and missions for students and staff. This will often provide new gear, and abilities, and open up new paths and opportunities.

Download Bully Mod APK

For those who want to take their Bullworth experience even further, downloading the game Bully mod APK offline unlocks a range of optional extras and cheat capabilities. Infinite resources, increased combat skills, and fun aesthetic mods are just a few examples of how this mod can amplify your anarchic exploits within the academy grounds.

The Bully Mod APK from trusted providers like APKFut ensures a safe modding experience free of malware while still maintaining the full integrity of the base game. It’s the ultimate way to fulfill all your teenage rebellion power fantasies.


Bully: Anniversary Edition encapsulates the anarchic spirit of adolescence in a way few games ever have. It revels in the darkly humorous day-to-day chaos of surviving the ruthless teenage social hierarchy mercilessly lampooned through Rockstar’s satirical lens. At the same time, it captures those universal growing pains and pursuits of individuality we all grappled with during that tumultuous transition toward adulthood.

From the stunning updated graphics that bring our crumbling institution to life, to the strategic depth of building your reputation through pivotal choices, Bully is an endlessly engaging open-world that repeatedly demands your return to Bullworth’s dysfunctional halls. Download it today on your mobile device and experience the insanity for yourself.

And if you’re looking to truly become the apex student delinquent, roaming the streets of Bullworth with wild reckless abandon, then the Bully APK Mod from APKFut is your fast pass to anarchy.

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